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BBC Two invites you to join Clive Myrie and discover the wonders of Italy. As a BBC reporter Clive has worked all over the world but when he gets time off, Italy is always his first-choice holiday destination.

Over twenty years of short breaks Clive has come to love the country’s football, its fashion, its coastline - and its culture. But most of all, Clive loves how friendly Italians are and the way they put family, friends and community at the centre of life.

This road trip around Italy is the first chance Clive’s had to stay longer and delve deeper. We’ll discover a whole new side to him as he immerses himself in local life, shares his passions with the people he meets, and his new discoveries with family and friends back home.

Clive will be training with Serie A champions ACF Fiorentina, entering the hotly contested Tiramisu World Championship, and navigating in a vintage car rally through Prosecco Country.

He’ll also unearth the most Scottish town in Italy, find out why Sicily’s capital Palermo claims to be the country’s most diverse city and how sleepy Puglia became its LBGTQ+ capital.

Clive Myrie comments, “My new series is a chance for audiences to see me in a different light, and to showcase some of my favourite places in and around Italy. This programme was a great opportunity and I hope audiences tune in and come along for the ride.”

Clive Myrie’s Italian Road Trip is a (15x30) for BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.


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