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Challenge Anneka, one of Britain’s best-loved TV formats, the series makes an exciting return this Spring on Channel 5.

This first shoot provides enticing glimpses of everything we all loved about the original series; from a rebooted truck and shiny new buggy to the return of Dave the Soundman.

At the heart will of course be Anneka and a whole new generation of volunteers on hand to tackle some epic new challenges, responding to modern problems we are all facing.

The series will shine the light on everyday heroes and deserving communities at a time when they’ve never needed help more. The heart and ambition is the same even if the yellow pages are long gone!

In a so-far, undisclosed location, Anneka sports a new version of her signature jumpsuit and is raring to go with this new first episode. This four part reboot is produced by Twofour and Krempelwood for Channel 5 and an air date in 2023 is yet to be announced.

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