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For today’s task, the Celebrity Big Brother house has been transformed into a peaceful and calming zone, Big Brother's Celestial Retreat.

Big Brother says, “Housemates. To live harmoniously in the Celebrity Big Brother house and become the very best versions of yourselves, you will spend today at Big Brother’s exclusive celestial retreat.”

Housemates choose Levi as the ‘guiding eye’ of the group as they express emotions through dance.

The next part of the task sees Housemates take a petal from the bowl which has a question inscribed on it. The Housemate will then choose one of their fellow celebrities to answer the question. 

Louis reads, “Reveal your biggest regret that you need to let go of.” and asks Bradley to answer the question.

Becoming emotional, Bradley says, “Growing up, finding out who I was, trying to understand who I was. But a lot of that time I lied about who I was and it hurt a lot. Just shying away from the real fact that I’m gay, I’m autistic and proud of who I am. That’s taken a long time for me to say that. That’s my biggest regret, I wish I never did that to myself.”

Bradley’s Housemates applaud him and Louis says, “Bradley, thank you very much. Thank you so much.”

Fern reads, “How have you found peace within yourself or are you still looking?” and asks Gary to answer the question. 

Gary says, “I think peace is something always to be striving for. I thought I was having a really cool life until something hits you. One day I was Gary, a businessman having a laugh with a great family. And then the next minute, I’m a national villain. So, I don’t really know what true peace is if I’m honest.”

Nikita reads, “Reveal which Housemate inspires you the most and why?” and asks Sharon to answer the question.

Sharon says, “I know the Housemate that inspires me the most and it has to be Levi. I feel like Levi has found serenity and it’s something that I strive for daily and Levi has it.”

Levi becomes emotional at Sharon’s admission. Will today’s task bring the Housemates closer together?


Big Brother gathers Housemates on the sofa and says, “Housemates. There has been a rule break. It is against the rules for Housemates to discuss their nominations with each other and this includes speculating or guessing on who has nominated whom or who might nominate whom in the future. This morning, this rule was broken by Louis and Lauren.”

Big Brother reads Louis and Lauren’s conversation to the rest of the house including Lauren referring to Zeze when she says, “She hates me.” 

Big Brother asks Lauren to stand up. Lauren says, “I’m sorry for putting you all in this situation. I was talking about my emotions and how I was feeling about being nominated. In fairness, I’m living with a group of people who I have grown to love and adore and it’s upset me that a few different people, not just one person, has nominated me. I’m sorry for getting everyone in this situation and I apologise.”

Louis stands up and says, “I couldn’t understand how she was nominated because she’s such a great person. I didn’t want to lose her. That’s all.” 

Big Brother then reveals Louis and Lauren’s punishment and says, “Louis and Lauren. Wrap up warm and then please make your way into the garden where you will place yourselves in the Celebrity Wheelie Bin of Shame until further notice.” 

Big Brother adds, “Whilst you’re in the Celebrity Wheelie Bin of Shame, you must together write a meaningful letter of apology to the rest of the Housemates.” 


Zeze heads into the bedroom after the recent revelations as Lauren and Louis follow her to explain. 

Zeze says, “I’m not bothered. I just don’t like the word hate. It’s a strong word. We’ve never had a conversation where you could feel like I hate you.”

Lauren says, “I’m going to tell you the conversation. When I was making the fruit salad, you took the oranges and did it your way. You went over to the table in front of my face and said ‘This isn’t good enough for Lauren’. It wasn’t banter. It was rude to me.”

Zeze says, “Come and talk to me then. Don’t use the word hate because you know it’s not hate.” The pair continue to disagree. Can they resolve their differences?  


It’s the first live eviction of the series. Tonight will see either Gary or Lauren be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. 

Voting for this week’s eviction is open exclusively via the Big Brother app, with viewers being asked to vote for the housemate they wish to save from eviction. Following tonight’s eviction, viewers can watch AJ Odudu and Will Best grill the evictee in their first live interview on Celebrity Big Brother: Late & Live at 10:15pm.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX.


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