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Channel 5 statement: "Apologies, we've had a technical issue with today's planned Springtime on the Farm. It will be back tomorrow at 8pm as planned, all new."

In it's place, Channel 5 are repeating an episode from last year's series. More details about the series can found below.


Helen Skelton, Adam Henson and Jules Hudson are back for the sixth series of Springtime on the Farm, and this year it’s a two-week stripped event – the biggest and best Springtime so far, packed with royal visits, famous faces helping out on the farm, and an exciting new mission to help the nation give back to the farmers that kept them fed during the pandemic!

The series celebrates the UK’s farmers during spring as they rush to bring the new life into the world. Our cameras are poised to capture the drama and excitement as farms across the UK cope with the millions of expected of births.

In the first episode of the new series, we join Adam Henson on his farm in the Cotswolds where he’s knee deep in delivering some of the 100’s lambs he’s expecting on his farm this year. At Cannon Hall Farm, South Yorkshire, Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson are also in the thick of things where more than a thousand animals come into the world each spring on the Nicholson family’s farm.

Brothers Rob and Dave employ an old farming trick in the hopes of saving the life of a rejected lamb, and they are given an exclusive tour of Princess Anne’s farm in Gloucestershire, to lend a hand with the rare breeds she keeps. JB Gill sets off on a tour around the country to muck in with fellow farmers up and down the country.

His first stop is at a farm in Buckinghamshire, where he helps move livestock and learns how a famer is overcoming disability to continue with the work he loves. And we meet the monks with a farm within the grounds of the Benedictine Monastery on the Isle of White to see what the spring season holds for them.

Springtime On The Farm returns Tuesday 11th April on Channel 5.


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