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In each episode of You Won’t Believe This (w/t) members of the public who fancy themselves as amateur sleuths will hear unbelievable stories from a succession of ‘suspects’ - but only one of them is telling the truth.

To help them work out who it is, they’ll have the luxury of help from seasoned police detectives who put each suspect through a bells and whistles police interrogation.

Using tactics they’re used to deploying on criminals, they’ll be digging into the stories prodding, probing and pouring over every detail giving them the grilling of their lives from the pressure cooker environment of an interrogation cell.

It’s up to the suspects to do a convincing job of selling the fact that they did indeed live as a goat, try to pick their way out of a giant freezer with a bone or drink turtle blood when shipwrecked.

If they manage to spot the truth, they’re treated to a cash prize. However, if they fail and pick a fake, in the ultimate twist of the knife the liar walks away with their cash.

You Won't Believe This will air later this year on Channel 4.


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