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On 29th November 2019 Darryn Frost, Steven Gallant and John Crilly’s lives converged when, while attending an event at Fishmongers’ Hall near London Bridge, a terror attack took place.

The three men each played a role in stopping the attacker. However, when the past criminality and convictions of Steven and John were bought to the fore, the narrative shifted. Could these men, who were convicted murderers, ever truly be seen as heroes?

With the backdrop of the shocking events of 29th November, London Bridge: Facing Terror (w/t) a 1x90’ documentary produced by Raw, will see Darryn, Steven and John share their story of the attack in detail for the first time, as well as exploring how each was shaped by events in their past which ultimately led them to all be at Fishmongers’ Hall on that fateful day.

The film will examine the British justice system and how we treat people who have been convicted of a crime, asking whether prison works and if people can ever truly be reformed and find redemption.

London Bridge: Facing Terror (wt) was commissioned by Channel 4 documentaries commissioning editor and Head of Channel 4 Bristol, Sacha Mirzoeff. The 1x90’ film is being made by Raw with executive producer Liesel Evans and director Fred Scott.

Sacha Mirzoeff said: “The sensitivity and respect that Fred, Liesel and the team at Raw have demonstrated to the people involved on the day is what allowed them to dig deeper beyond the few minutes of the attack itself...

"The powerful testimony of John, Steve and Darryn, the three strangers who came together to help, raises fundamental issues around justice, rehabilitation, punishment and redemption...

"The result is a highly emotional account that transcends the sensationalism of the current affairs reporting of the day to ask our system uncomfortable questions about who we like to label as heroes and villains and what impact that can have.”

Liesel Evans, Raw Creative Director Factual, added: “We set out to make a film that went beyond the events of the day - to explore the context of what happened, and the story of the four lives that converged on that day. I have been so struck by the bravery and the thoughtfulness of all of our contributors...

"Speaking for the first time, they have shown incredible strength and insight, and it’s been a real privilege to work with them on this film. I hope by seeing the film the audience will gain a greater understanding of the complexity of the issues that are raised.”

Broadcast details will be revealed in due course.


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