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In this satirical comedy series, Channel 4 have revealed they’re urgently looking to change the public perception of some of their biggest stars, by giving them a ‘rebrand’ and are putting all their faith in one woman to accomplish the task - comedian, creator and star of Chicken Shop Date, Amelia Dimoldenberg.

Celebrity Rebrand (6 x 10-12’) will see Channel 4 enlist Amelia, a ‘Celebrity Brand Visionary’, to ‘help’ some of their talent refresh their brand and connect with a wider audience.

Once signed up to the process, the celebrity guests are put through their paces in a sequence of unexpected brand exercises. But much to the dismay of the celebrities, they invariably backfire.

Across this chaotic celebrity interview series, which will be available on Channel 4’s social media platforms, Amelia does her best to: make Jimmy Carr less mean; help Clare Balding embrace her inner rebel; mastermind Romesh Ranganathan’s total domination of socials; cleanse Jamie Laing of his Love Rat image; rebrand Anna Richardson as The Naked Lady; and pivot Rosie Jones from stand-up to Action Hero.

But will Amelia make a positive change to these celebrities’ personal profile, or will it all end in a personal PR nightmare?

Amelia Dimoldenberg, Celebrity Brand Visionary said: “I take my role as Celebrity Brand Visionary very seriously. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of Channel 4’s talent and really get to know them, so I can totally transform every single thing about their brand. Thank goodness for me!”

Evie Buckley, Digital Commissioning Executive said: “Celebrity Rebrand is a rare gem of an idea that expertly marries our favourite TV and digital talent with a witty, anarchic and purposefully-awkward premise. Ranga Bee and Amelia have tapped into what we love about these household names and the internet’s best cultural faux-pas to create a series that ticks all the boxes as to what we’re looking for in Digital Commissioning.”


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