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The BBC have axed medical series Your Body Uncovered after one series on BBC Two.

The groundbreaking series, presented by Kate Garraway, used the latest augmented reality know-how and medical imaging technology to allow patients to see inside their own bodies, to better understand their medical condition and the treatment choices available to them.

A BBC spokesperson confirmed to TV Zone: "Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions so that we can commission new shows and we currently have no plans to bring back Your Body Uncovered. We would like to thank the team at Remarkable Television, along with presenters Kate Garraway and Dr Guddi Singh for their work on the series."

Patients with a range of common health issues from heart disease to kidney stones, endometriosis to back pain, will experience an extraordinary medical consultation made possible by cutting-edge technology.

They, and viewers, will saw in thrilling visual form what is ailing them, as their condition is brought to life in a sensational and interactive way, providing insights and answers to questions which have plagued them for years. And, as they embark on their road to recovery, we will follow them every step of the way.

Previous episodes of Your Body Uncovered are available on BBC iPlayer now.

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