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The first shopping task of the series has arrived and this week the Big Brother House has been turned into global company Big Bros Ltd. All of the housemates line-up behind the desks that have been set up in the lounge.

Big Brother says: ”Over the next two days, you will be taking part in a series of tasks around the office in an effort to win a luxury shopping budget. If you fail to pass, you will receive an economy budget for the week.”

Big Brother adds: “From this point on, Big Brother is CEO and you are all my employees.”

Big Bros Ltd has a strict three-tier structure - the Big Wigs at the top who make all the important decisions, the Middle Management who run the company at ground level and the Bottoms who are to do whatever they’re told.

Big Brother reveals that Yinrun, Henry and Trish have been selected as the Big Wigs. The Big Wigs collect their corporate uniform and get dressed and head to their office upstairs.

Most of the food is removed from the house as the Big Wigs are provided with luxury meals whereas the Bottoms will be on basic rations. As Yinrun gets changed, she says: “When I put this on, I’ll look more like a boss.”

The Big Wigs first task is to select five housemates to become Middle Management with the remaining eight housemates appointed as Bottoms. But who will they appoint as the Middle Management and Bottoms? And what will be the consequences for their decision?

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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