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Following days of house-dividing drama since Paul’s eviction, Olivia has decided the time has come to clear the air with Trish.

Pulling her aside for a chat upstairs, Olivia says: “I do genuinely feel awful for the week you’ve had the past week and I don’t want you to think that I’ve dehumanised you at all.”

“If I’m honest I feel like everybody has dehumanised me,” Trish responds.

“When you open your mouth in here, you fall victim to other people’s reactions. In this house, the people who don’t say too much are sailing right through,” Olivia notes, “...and the people who open their mouth fall victim to that.”

“Paul getting booed… I don’t know how that has become my fault?” Trish ponders.

Reflecting on Trish’s argument with Paul the night before his eviction, Olivia laughs: “When I look back on it, I do think it was quite funny when you were like doing the limbo while shouting the word ‘bully’...”

“You didn’t place a narrative on Paul, I do believe his behaviour has probably placed a narrative on him,” Olivia posits, before adding: “I think it’s easy to blame you for that.”

“I feel that maybe in the past week I’ve let other people’s opinions guide my judgement and I do feel bad for that…” she admits.

“I really genuinely, sincerely accept your apology and it means so much to me to hear that,” Trish responds.

To watch the heartfelt exchange between Olivia and Trish in full, viewers can tune into tonight’s episode.


Matty and Jordan are continuing to struggle to make their newly established friendship work.

Sitting outside with Henry, Jordan attempts to tease Matty over his complaints that Jordan ignored him for two days after observing Henry and Matty engage in a long conversation about him.

“Oh, ‘I can’t believe you didn’t sit in the chair next to me, ahhh!’” said Jordan, mimicking Matty’s concerns.

Biting back, Matty retorts: “I can’t believe you ignored everyone for two days and detached because you were so scared of your romantic feelings for me!” to which Jordan immediately responds: “Oh, shut up!”

After Jordan denies he held romantic feelings, Matty states: “You started it, Jordan.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t go beneath the belt,” Jordan responds. “Don’t even talk to me Matty.”

“Awkward…” Henry chimes in.

“Well, here we go, two days of spikiness, I’m going to hold in for the ride now,” Matty sighs.

“No, no, don’t start assuming things. There’s not going to be any spikiness, I’ll just be cordial because I’m the bigger person,” Jordan responds, much to Henry’s amusement.

Will this pair every manage to peacefully coexist? To see the aftermath of this exchange, viewers can tune into tonight’s episode exclusively on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm!

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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