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Housemates are asked to gather on the sofa and are introduced to a new arrival in the house, ‘Big Brother’s Big Button’.

When a sound plays, the button will light up, indicating that a housemate should push the button to claim what Big Brother is offering up. Housemates can only press the button once. However, housemates are warned, “with no risk, there’s no reward”.

When the button lights up, Trish presses it and wins the house a surprise, but only if she answers honestly to Big Brother’s question: “Which of the housemates is the most easily led and why?”

Trish says, “I think Tom, and I think that because he can easily change especially when he’s around Paul. Sometimes I think I get two different personalities based off the proximity of who’s around him.”

As a reward, Trish wins the house a “pet” - since she chose Tom as her answer, he becomes Big Brother’s Little Lost Sheep until further notice and will in live a sheep pen in the garden.

Paul says to Tom, “You was a good cop-out option Tom, that’s what it is.”

Jenkin agrees, “It is.”

Tom responds, “Yeah that’s alright, she’s got a little gang of ‘em. She’s going Friday anyways so I don’t give a fuck.”

Back in the living room, Yinrun is comforting Trish on the sofa.

Yinrun says, “He’s just upset.”

Trish responds, “He can go F himself.”

Yinrun tells her, “Just be prepared for the storm.”

Will Tom confront Trish about why she thinks he is easily led by other members of the house? Tune in tonight to watch as Big Brother’s Big Button causes tensions to bubble in the house.


Henry speaks to Big Brother in the Diary Room about his confusion about what is going on between Matty and Jordan.

Henry says, “All I know is apparently something in my heart and soul is kind of feeling some kind of way about Jordan and its horrible… but when I see that happening, annoyingly… I just feel completely… I feel shit if I’m being honest.”

In the bedroom, Henry speaks to Jordan and says, “I think for the sake of both of you and everyone else, that you just sort it out… I think we all just need a bit more clarity in our lives.”

Jordan responds, “I don’t do emotions first off; I’m trying as much as I can to avoid it but then it comes back thrown in my face and it’s just like ‘go away’. I just don’t want to be involved in it, I’m not in here for that.”

Henry says, “But you are involved in it, you’re in the center of it.”

Jordan states, “I’m gonna resolve it, it will be resolved.”

How will Jordan resolve the situation between him and Matty?

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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