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The housemates wake up for a new day in the Big Brother house. Today is the start of this week’s shopping task and the garden has been transformed into ‘Big Brother’s Happy Happy Happy Camp’.

Heading into the garden which is now complete with a campfire, portaloo and haystacks, housemates prepare to enjoy the ultimate camping experience.

Kerry says: “This is the worst task ever.”

Big Brother says: “Housemates, welcome to Big Brother’s Happy Happy Happy Camp. It’s time to enjoy my great British staycation. As you can see, my house has transformed into the happiest campsite ever. Over the next few days you will be at one with nature - living and breathing all things outdoors.”

Big Brother adds: “The rules for this task are simple. All you have to do is sit back, relax and you must remain happy, happy, happy. In true British staycation style, tonight you will all be sleeping under the stars.”

Housemates take part in tasks throughout the day, giving them the opportunity to become ‘VIP Glampers’ and receive a more luxurious camping experience.

Olivia, Paul, Trish, Henry, Hallie and Zak head into the task room which is filled with mud.

Split into two teams made up of Olivia, Paul & Trish and Henry, Hallie and Zak - the housemates must try and set up their tent as quickly as possible. But which team will be victorious?

Later, the rest of the housemates are each given a waterproof jacket as they stand in a circle in the garden. A huge downpour of rain soon arrives, soaking the housemates.

Chanelle says: “It’s just like being back in Barry Island!”

Can the housemates endure the storm? Which housemates will be lucky enough to become ‘VIP Glampers’?

Hallie is left less than impressed with today’s challenge. Speaking in the Diary Room to Big Brother, Hallie says: “Big Brother, I am not impressed. I want some food and I want to be a VIP glamper and I want a warm shower and I want a proper toilet.”

But as most of the housemates prepare to sleep outside amid dropping temperatures, will anyone else share Hallie’s frustrations? Could today’s camping themed task spark any more tension between the housemates?

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.


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