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Big Brother have announced a Halloween twist which will see one housemate evicted from the house via the backdoor.

Last night (Sunday), a randomly-chosen housemate was called to Diary Room by Big Brother and given a secret mission which will see them become 'possessed' in a Halloween eviction twist.

Earlier this morning (Monday), whilst the other housemates were sleeping, they were given a signal to come to the Diary Room to speak to Big Brother. The possessed housemate will be told to nominate three housemates for eviction.

The three nominated housemates will face a 'flash vote' on tonight's (Monday's) Late & Live, hosted by AJ Odudu. The result will see one housemate leave the Big Brother house by the backdoor and evicted for good later tonight.

The evictee will return to Late & Live on Tuesday night for their eviction interview. This twist means there will be no Live Feed on Monday night, meaning viewers will need to tune into Tuesday night's show to watch events unfold.

The Sun reports that ex-housemates Farida, Zak and Hallie are also part of the task as 'the ghosts of Big Brother past'. They have reportedly recorded segments which will be played into the house. They will not come face-to-face with the housemates.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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