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Flat Out Fabulous is a brand new ten-part property series for Generation Rent, presented by new talent Whinnie Williams and Tyler West.

You don’t have to own your own home for the stylish, yet thrifty interior designer to come knocking! Whinnie is a design queen who dares to be different and with a love for all things retro, her mantra is to "plaster your personality all over the walls". Passionate about showing that home renovations don’t have to cost a fortune, she believes that everyone has the right to a stylish pad.

By scouring charity shops, online auctions and with some smart upcycling, she’s about to prove it. Co-presenter Tyler is on hand to try and mediate with the housemates’ different ideas and budgets for Whinnie’s colourful schemes.

In the series, Whinnie and Tyler travel the country to meet different groups of housemates, all living in unloved rental properties. In Cardiff they meet a house of drag queens who want a living room and a dressing room done up, and in Bristol, a house of hairdressers are after a fun party space. In Cambridge, a house of nurses would like a duo-function place where they can let their hair down and also chill out in.

Packed full of tips about buying, decorating and upcycling, Flat Out Fabulous follows as Whinnie goes on a mission to boujie up the dullest of rooms and inspire others, whilst roping in the housemates to help turn her outrageous vision and ideas into reality.

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