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Changes to advertised schedules across BBC channels following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.


06:00 Breakfast

09:00 Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg

10:00 Great North Run

11:30 HM The King: The National Proclamations

12:30 BBC News

14:00 Songs of Praise: Queen Elizabeth II

14:35 Elizabeth: Her Passions & Pastimes

15:35 The Queen and Us: 70s

16:35 The Queen and Us: 80s

17:35 BBC News and Weather

17:50 Regional News

18:00 Countryfile - Queen & Country

19:00 Antiques Roadshow: The Queen and Britannia

20:00 Frozen Planet II

21:00 The Capture

22:00 BBC News and Weather

22:55 Regional News

23:00 The Longest Reign: The Queen and Her People

00:00 BBC News


10:00 Saturday Kitchen Best Bites - as billed

11:30 Great North Run - earlier than billed, reduced duration

12:15 Rugby League: Super League Playoff Highlights - earlier than billed

13:15 The Hotel People - earlier than billed

14:15 Nadiya’s Everyday Baking - later than billed

14:50 Bargain Hunt - addition to the schedule

15:50 Escape to the Country - addition to the schedule

16:50 The North York Moors: A Wild Year - addition to the schedule

17:15 Flog It!- addition to the schedule

18:00 Golf: PGA Championship Highlights - as billed

19:00 Today At The Test: England v South Africa - as billed

20:00 Stolen: Catching the Art Thieves - as billed

21:00 Simon Reeve’s South America - as billed

22:00 How To with John Wilson - as billed

22:25 Film: Colette - addition to the schedule

00:10 Film: Out of Blue - later than billed

01:55 Signed: A Tribute to Her Majesty The Queen - addition to the schedule

Schedules are subject to change. This page will be updated throughout the day.


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