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A brand new discussion-based news programme, Context, launches on BBC World News and the BBC News Channel. Presented by Christian Fraser, a panel of guests will discuss the top news stories in the UK, US and around the world from that day.

This hour-long programme will bring high quality analysis and insight into the people and forces shaping the daily news events. The show will cover a cross section of serious global and UK stories, as well as the hot social media topics that are trending around the globe.

Each night, Christian will be joined by two panellists to analyse the day’s news. Among those appearing over the coming weeks will be Amanda Renteria, former advisor to Hillary Clinton; Sonia Khan, former advisor to the Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid; Ron Christie, former advisor to President George W Bush; former Conservative MP Ed Vaizey; Daily Mirror's Political Editor Pippa Crerar and Daily Mail columnist Sarah Vine.

BBC News journalist and presenter Christian Fraser says: “We are incredibly excited to launch Context, bringing a wide range of opinion and analysis to the hottest topics from around the world.

“We will take a special look at the UK and US and what is hitting the headlines. The show will provide lively debate as we welcome a different panel of experts every day, ensuring we leave no stone unturned.”

Context will air Monday to Thursday, 21:00 GMT, 10 January 2022.


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