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Asia will tell the story of biggest continent on Earth through its epic landscapes and spectacular wildlife.

From the vast Arabian desert, to the unexplored jungles of Sulawesi, and from the polar wilderness of Siberia, to the tropical coral seas of the Indian Ocean, this series will showcase the breath-taking variety of Asia’s wildest places.

Seven, one-hour episodes will feature dramatic wildlife stories from each corner of the continent. Filming locations include the Tibetan plateau, the mighty Taiga forest, the Gobi Desert and some of the 17,000 islands of Indonesia.

The series will also reveal animals that thrive at the heart of Asia’s mega cities - Shanghai, Jakarta, Mumbai and Tokyo.

Asia is the largest continent and no other place is as rich in superlatives. It has the highest mountain range - the Himalayas; the deepest ocean – the Mariana Trench in the Pacific; the tallest jungles – Danum valley in Borneo; the biggest cave – Hang Son Doong in Vietnam; and the greatest number of active volcanoes.

Iconic landscapes and intimate behaviour will be filmed using the very latest techniques, allowing audiences to experience the beauty and wonder of Asia like never before.

Asia (w/t), a 7x60’ series for BBC One and iPlayer, is made by BBC Studios Natural History Unit and co-produced by BBC America.


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