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The first series saw eight talented jewellers battle it out over the course of the six weeks, designing and creating jewellery to brief, with 24 year-old Haywards Heath-based diamond mounter Hugo Johnson taking home the title.

Katherine Ryan says: "I am so delighted to be back again to host the beautiful show that is All That Glitters. The first series was a total joy to be a part of and taking part in the next series has absolutely nothing to do with the diamond rings, ruby tiaras or sapphire encrusted chokers I may or may not get to wear if my rider is agreed to."

Each show tasked the jewellers with two real-world challenges; The Best Seller, where they must design a piece that will appeal to a mass market, and The Bespoke, where they make a real client’s dreams come true. The consolidated viewing figures for the BBC Two series averaged 2.3 million and peaked at 2.6 million during the first episode.

Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning, Science and Natural History says: "The audience response to All That Glitters has been amazing and I can't wait to see what our next batch of talented jewellers are going to create. It's so exciting to build on a series that celebrates British craft and creativity - and does so right in the heart of beautiful Birmingham, the European capital of jewellery-making."

Creative Director at Twenty Twenty James O’Reilly says: "The return of All That Glitters is a wonderful start to our life as a fully Bristol-based indie. The series really resonated with viewers at home and we’re delighted to have Katherine Ryan returning as our host as we discover Britain’s next jewellery star."


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