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Danny Dyer has revealed that TV bosses are keen for more Absolutely Dyer, the E4 travel series the actor presented alongside his Love Island-winner daughter Dani Dyer earlier this year.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning, Dyer said: "They want to do more, but because she's just banged out twins it's a bit tricky at the moment. We're going to try... I think we might do one in Essex. Go and see a few things in Essex and then we can slip home every night."

The first series saw Danny Dyer on a mission to fill in some of the gaps in his beloved first-born Dani's general knowledge. He organised their first ever dad-and-daughter road trip; a four-week culture tour of Italy, taking in all the scenery, art and history they can handle... and trying to find out if this travel lark is really their thing.

The trip kicks off by sampling the street food scene in Palermo and catching their own dinner. Danny gets spiritual - and physical - by a volcano, and the dad-and-daughter duo discuss everything from life and death to the birds and bees.

The four-part series is available now on Channel 4 streaming.

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