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What to watch this week.

Three Families

Monday, BBC One

Drama about the campaign to relax abortion laws in Northern Ireland, from the point of view of three families who find themselves coming into conflict with the law.


Monday, BBC Two

As an outbreak of headlice sweeps the school, Julia finds herself accused of triggering a second wave. Ostracised by the other mums, she needs to find a way back into their good books and decides to throw a nit treatment party at her home.

Inside No.9

Monday, BBC Two

Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith's darkly comic anthology returns. Pantalone is planning the heist of the century - a tasty £12million in rough-cut diamonds.

Leigh-Anne: Race, Pop And Power

Thursday, BBC One

Little Mix star Leigh-Anne Pinnock recounts her experiences of racism and colourism as a black woman in the UK, as well as looking at the wider race issues the country is facing.

Tom Allen's Quizness

Friday, Channel 4

Contestants' general knowledge is put to the test as they play for the chance to win £25,000. However, the more answers the quizzers know, the dafter they must look to prove it.


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