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UKTV last year announced its intention to launch ‘U’ this Summer - a new masterbrand that will unite its family of free-to-air channels and its free streaming service. The changes will come into effect from Tuesday 16th July.

The move will see its current streaming service UKTV Play transition to U and UKTV’s family of free-to-air channels will become U&Dave, U&DRAMA, U&YESTERDAY and U&W.

UKTV’s pay channels Alibi, Gold and Eden will transition to U&alibi, U&GOLD, U&eden at a later date, uniting the full network under the U brand.

Penny Brough, UKTV’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “For 30 years, UKTV has had shows that people are passionate about - crime, drama, witty comedy and more - but until now it’s felt disconnected. We want to make sure our audiences can enjoy the full value of our free and wonderfully diverse offer, so we’re making it easier for them to navigate.

“U is the glue that enables us to do this: it means we go to market with a bold, simple and distinctive identity for our streaming service. U makes it easy for people to connect the dots between the streaming service and our family of TV channels - all while keeping hold of each channel’s unique personality and fame. This is now a family that’s fit for a digital future. It’s simple, but still full of personality because it’s all about U.”

The U streaming service, created in partnership with global brand consultancy Wolff Olins, will become home to thousands of hours of free content from a raft of genres. U will also give viewers access to exclusive shows, award-winning originals, premiere acquisitions and iconic programmes from the BBC.

David Stevens, Executive Strategy Director at Wolff Olins, said: “The entertainment market is so awash with confusing and bizarrely named offers, so we wanted to strip back, reduce the noise and present this family of brands in a clear, crisp, singular way...

"The new ‘U’ name is a nod to UKTV’s heritage, while emphasising that this new viewing experience is all about you. We’re excited about creating a bold brand that will stand out but won’t get in the way. We wanted to unite an eclectic portfolio, but hold onto the personality, and help you to lose yourself in what you love.”

The new U visual identity and brand architecture is set to be unveiled soon.


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