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Channel 4 have commissioned Flicker Productions to make a 1x60 film exploring the contentious issues of Stop and Search, fronted by Jermaine Jenas.

This film will put this controversial aspect of modern policing under the microscope. The Truth About Police Stop and Search, features the experiences of approximately 40 Black men and teenagers who used cameras to record their experiences of Stop and Search across England, and to see how their interactions with the police play out.

In England and Wales, Black men are 9 times more likely to be stopped and searched than white men. This documentary hopes to help the British public understand the full scale of the issue, and its wide reaching social, psychological and personal consequences.

Flicker Productions Executive Producer Colleen Flynn says, “We wanted to go beyond the news headlines and document how stop and search is affecting so many men, women and families across the country, and with Jermaine at the helm ask the audience to reflect on and understand the everyday scrutiny black men find themselves under"

Jermaine Jenas says, “This film is really important to me, I wanted the viewer at home to gain some understanding of what life is like for a young Black man dealing with the police. I hope these stories will help paint that picture and highlight the day to day struggle and mental health difficulties that are being put on one community because of Stop & Search. I’m hoping for change.”


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