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ITV are reportedly developing a new 'treachery' gameshow, titled Trivial Deceit, inspired by the success of BBC One's The Traitors.

The new format will see contestants deceive their way for a cash prize. Each contestant is asked trivia questions, and if they don't know the answer, they have to lie and pretend they do.

To progress through the show, all the contestant has to do is to convince all the other players they have answered the trivia question correctly. The format is reportedly still at the pilot stage.

A source told The Sun: "Treachery is now a buzzword among TV execs, thanks to The Traitors. They’re looking for almost any way to incorporate it into a format — and it was only a matter of time before a quiz took it on. Trivial Deceit is only at the pilot stage, but if it progresses it could be on screens next year."

Earlier this year it was revealed that another gameshow, The Imposter, was piloted. It sees five contestants answer general knowledge questions to build two pots of cash. There are four ordinary contestants. One Imposter. But who is who? Only the Imposter knows!

For every question answered correctly, cash goes into a Player pot. For every question answered incorrectly, double the cash goes into the Imposter pot. Can the imposter survive until the last round and a final vote to walk off with the cash?

Or will their lies and deceit be spotted early by the other contestants? Rob Rinder, the show’s no-nonsense host, will probe and cross-examine the contestants before they vote at the end of every round.

More details about both shows will be revealed in due course.


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