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The Masked Singer | Episode 4 Preview (ITV1)

The Masked Singer is the surreal singing show in which 12 big celebrities compete undercover in elaborate costumes, keeping their true identities under wraps.

As each celebrity performs our superstar panel of detectives are left to decipher the clues and unlock TV’s best kept secret. Only after being eliminated are the celebrities’ true identities revealed, as they are unmasked on stage.

In tonight’s episode, a fresh batch of Masked Singers battle it out - Jacket Potato vs Fawn, Rubbish vs Pigeon and Piece of Cake vs Rhino. At the end of the show, the second celebrity’s true identity is revealed. Expect tougher clues, phenomenal performances and jaw-dropping reveals as, once again, we ask “Who is behind the Mask?”.

They were Fawn to be wild - it's Fawn!

Their singing is sure to butter you up - it's Jacket Potato!

It must be dove - it's Pigeon!

They were horn this way - it's Rhino!

There's no time to waste - it's Rubbish!

The Masked Singer continues tonight at 7pm on ITV1 and ITVX.


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