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Netflix have commissioned new drama The Undertow, based on The Nordisk Film Production AS television series Twin.

The cast for the series is lead by Jamie Dornan (The Tourist, Heart Of Stone) who will play both roles of twins Adam and Lee. Mackenszie Davis will play Adam's wife Nicola. Iain de Caestecker has been cast in an unknown role.

Suffocating in a loveless marriage to Adam, Nicola’s life takes a deadly turn when Adam’s long-estranged identical twin brother Lee comes crashing back into her life, and their tangled romantic past threatens to destroy the present.

When a split-second decision and a terrible accident leaves Adam dead, Nicola acts to protect her children. Bonded by cruel fate and a long-burning love, Nicola and Lee make a pact.

With Lee assuming Adam’s identity, their hope is that the police investigation will conclude that free-spirited Lee died instead of his buttoned-up brother. Over the course of one week, Lee and Nicola struggle to maintain the secrets and lies.

And though they can’t ignore their feelings for each other, they both know they’re living on borrowed time.

More details will be revealed in due course.


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