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The Traitors Australia | Series 2 Preview (BBC Three)

Rodger Corser returns as host in this delicious game of deception for its second series, coming to BBC Three and iPlayer in the UK.

20 players, an exciting mix of charismatic everyday Aussies and some much-loved famous faces, will meet for the first time and band together to win up to a quarter of a million in solid silver bars.

Moments after getting acquainted, three players will be selected as the traitors, the other seventeen will be the faithful. Only the traitors know who’s who, and by night they will meet together in Traitors Tower to murder an innocent faithful.

However, the traitors aren’t safe either. Each evening, in the banishment ceremony, the faithful have an opportunity to vote out a traitor. But if they can’t see through the traitors' lies, they could end up eliminating one of their own. In the end, there can only be one winner of the silver.

The Traitors Australia returns Friday 26th February at 10:50pm on BBC Three with all episodes available on iPlayer.


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