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The Traitors | Week 4 Preview (BBC One)

The Traitors continues this week on BBC One and iPlayer as the hit reality series enters its fourth and final week...

Wednesday: With the game entering its final quarter, a secret shield leads to an explosive breakfast.

As the players attempt to not get trapped in today’s mission, the remaining Traitors are also hoping they aren't caught at the Round Table. But will they prevail at such a key stage in the game?

Thursday: It’s the penultimate day in the Traitors’ castle, and as the game nears the end, the players are all focused on who they can really trust.

With time running out to raise the prize pot, the players embark on a monumental mission, where one is faced with an important decision. As they race to the final, will the Faithful rid themselves of a Traitor or let another Faithful fall before the final hurdle?

Friday: It’s the final day of the ultimate psychological game of trust! They’ve survived every banishment and murder in Claudia’s castle of treachery, but it all comes down to today.

Will the Faithful weed out all the Traitors and split the prize pot between them, or will any Traitors remain undetected, and take the life-changing sum of money, all for themselves?

The Traitors continues Wednesday-Friday at 9pm on BBC One.

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