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PREVIEW: The Syndicate (Series 4), BBC One

It’s Keeley’s (Katherine Rose Morley) birthday and she could really do with some luck today - she’s defaulted on a payday loan, and the debt collectors are already knocking on her door demanding she pays off the £425 she owes. With nothing in her bank account Keeley needs to think of a way to get the cash and fast - and winning the lottery would certainly solve all Keeley’s problems!

She’s been playing for years in a syndicate with the rest of the staff at Woodvale Kennels. They’ve never won big so far, but optimistic Keeley has a good feeling about this week’s draw. Of course, Keeley always has a good feeling about winning and her online gambling debt is proof of this. When Keeley takes the syndicate’s lottery ticket to the local shop to check, the newsagent Frank (Neil Morrissey) tells her she has won something - £500!

But when Keeley returns to work, the owner of the kennels has a special announcement about the future of Woodvale. Life is about to become much harder for everyone at the kennels - at least the £500 lottery win is something they can all celebrate.

But when they discover that Roxy’s (Taj Atwal) numbers that week were alarmingly close to the winning lottery numbers they realise they might have won more that £500 after all. Maybe even the jackpot of £27 million! Frank must have made a mistake with their ticket. They just need to find Frank so they can sort it all out… but what if it wasn’t a mistake?

The Syndicate begins Tuesday 30th March at 9pm on BBC One.


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