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Documentary about a series of murders of women at railway stations in London in the early 1980s, told through dramatic reconstruction and testimony from police officers and victims' friends.

The first episode reflects on a city plagued by muggings and sexual assaults, where an under-resourced police force struggled to keep control.

The focus on the second episode is where a woman goes missing while on a train home from work, immediately stoking fears that the killers have struck again - fears that prove accurate when her body is discovered. The police painstakingly work through a list of more than 3000 potential suspects with blood that matches the earlier crime scenes - and eventually come across a man whose suspicious behaviour and similarity to the rape victims' descriptions marks him out as a possible perpetrator.

The third and final episode - airing on Wednesday night - looks back to 1997 when John Duffy, nine years after he had been sentenced to life for murder and rape, finally confesses to police that he had an accomplice, David Mulcahy.

The Railway Killers airs Monday 16th-Wednesday 18th August at 9pm on Channel 5 and is available to stream on My5.


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