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Pulling from an archive of over 10,000 interviews recorded over more than 50 years, The Frost Tapes (w/t) centres on era-defining David Frost interviews, unveiling a fresh perspective on today through the battles of yesterday.

Seen through Frost’s eyes, we encounter the mid-to-late 20th century as a furnace of change and uncertainty that continues to permeate current affairs.

Across the series, Frost’s career acts as a spine, as we journey through recent history via his astonishing rise, with commentary and insights from the family and famous faces who knew him best.

Each episode is anchored around Frost’s interviews with one key personality, providing a springboard into deeply relevant subject matters; from explosive encounters with Muhammad Ali discussing race to a forensic look at the infamous Nixon tapes, outtakes and all.

Time and again we’ll find Frost with a front-row seat to a key moment in history, always with a piercing set of questions at the ready and the easy charm to elicit a revealing response.

This archive footage is supplemented by interviews with an extraordinary list of new contributors including Michael Sheen, Liam Neeson, Joanna Lumley, Khalilah Ali and Tony Blair who help uncover Frost’s incredible life and career as one of the nation’s most renowned television hosts and journalists.

Speaking about the commission Wilfred Frost, comments: “For the last decade since Dad died I have focused on accumulating more rights to his interviews and recovering and restoring lost footage, waiting for the right moment and partner to showcase it. That moment is now, and in Sky Studios and White Horse Pictures I feel blessed to have better partners than I could ever have dreamt of...

"While this series is based on Dad's archive of over 10,000 interviews - many of which have not been seen for decades - it is not a typical archive show. Every conversation is carefully selected to be staggeringly relevant today, and told by blockbuster names from The Beatles to Jane Fonda to Muhammad Ali to Richard Nixon...

"Working on this series has been a privilege - not just as Dad's immensely proud son, but also as a journalist - Dad had a front row seat as the most important moments of the 20th century unfolded, and it's time we share again the seminal conversations he had with the protagonists. I hope we've done Dad's legacy justice.”

Transmission details will be confirmed in due course.


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