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The Cockfields is a comedy series for Gold written by Joe Wilkinson and David Earl and produced by Yellow Door Productions.

This first look image has been released of Gregor Fisher as Ray Cockfield in series 2 of Gold’s The Cockfields (Gregor takes over the role from the late Bobby Ball), which returns on Monday 8th November.

The series follows a week in the lives of 40-something Simon (Joe Wilkinson) and his fiancée Esther (Susannah Fielding) as they stay for what they hope will be a relaxing short summer break with Simon’s ever-doting mum Sue (Sue Johnston), stepfather Ray (Gregor Fisher) and stepbrother David (Ben Rufus Green) in their house on the Isle of Wight.

The show is an affectionate comedy about family life, about the stresses of being waited on hand and foot by your over-attentive mum while trying to avoid rubbing your irritable yet well-meaning stepdad up the wrong way.

Sue and Ray are relatively new to the street and are used to having a bit more privacy so it comes as no surprise to Simon that Ray has managed to upset their neighbours John and Anika. Despite this, Ray and Sue treasure their new house and especially their garden. As Sue says, “The Isle of Wight is our own version of paradise.”

Simon and Esther’s engagement is a preoccupation for Sue. Esther is happy to respond to her many questions about the wedding but Simon’s not so keen. He’s busy trying to avoid his old school friend Tony (Greg McHugh) who keeps trying to rekindle their friendship.

Simon also has to juggle bumping into his estranged dad Larry (Nigel Havers) who lives on the Island with his younger girlfriend Melissa (Sarah Parish). Meanwhile David is keen to find love, while dodging the advances of Sue’s friend Lyn (Michele Dotrice), but Esther is on hand to give him some useful tips. Things come to a head when Simon takes Sue and Ray out for what he hopes will be a nice meal to thank them for the holiday.

The Cockfields returns on Monday 8th November – Friday 12th November at 10pm on Gold.


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