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Greg Davies is back as the UK’s favourite crime scene cleaner, Paul ‘Wicky’ Wickstead, to take on a whole host of eventful cleaning jobs in a third series of The Cleaner.

Armed once more with his trusty box of cleaning tools, Wicky removes more gruesome remains at the scenes of six new crimes where he’ll encounter more unusual characters.

The third series will see Wicky clean-up a lighthouse in Northern Ireland, encounter a highly pregnant woman and reconnect with a long lost friend. Ruth Edwards (Zita Sattar) is also back for another series -  but Wicky’s new domestic arrangement is not sitting quite well with him.

Greg Davies says: “I’m as pleased as can be to have Wicky mop up more gore during his next existential crisis. The Cleaner is such a pleasure to make and I can’t wait to welcome a new gang of guest characters to his bloody work place.”

Vivien Muller-Rommel, executive producer, says: “We are absolutely delighted to be back for a third instalment of Wicky mopping up after some larger-than-life characters. Thank you BBC and UK audiences for trusting us with another round of spills, thrills, and the occasional rogue body part.”

Jon Petrie, BBC Director of Comedy says: “The Cleaner was one of the most watched comedy shows in the UK last year, and it’s no surprise as Greg Davies is British comedy royalty and he has poured all his talent into Wicky and the series of extraordinary situations he finds himself in. Series three promises to bring more weird and wonderful characters onto our screens.”

The second series of The Cleaner was in the top ten most viewed scripted comedies in the UK, with a 2.9m average audience.

Previous series have starred some of the best comedy and acting talent in the UK, and full casting for series three will be announced in due course.


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