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The BBC have reportedly commissioned new gameshow format The Chosen Ten, following a successful pilot recorded in Belfast late last year.

The format will see 15 candidates nominate 10 players per day to take on a "Mastermind-style quiz" to grow the group's prize fund. In order to be picked to take on the quiz, the potential players will have to persuade the group as to why they are best suited to take part.

However, amongst the group are 'Bluffers', who if chosen to take part would've blagged their way on to the team even though they are not best suited to take part. When 'Bluffers' take part in the quiz they will have the opportunity to steal money from the total prize fund for themselves.

A source told The Mirror: "As they get to know each other, the contestants are tasked with not only trying to prove their worth, but also to build trust and make friends with the brainiest between them so they can get the best possible outcome...

"That goes for the Bluffers too, who have their own agenda and are desperate to answer questions so they can build their own cash funds rather than help the rest of the group."

More details will be announced in due course.


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