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ITV2’s The Cabins returns for its second series. Narrated by comedian Maisie Adam, this year sees three brand spanking new Cabins in Wales for the lovelorn pairings to check into.

In the stunning, intimate surroundings, they then have 24 hours to decide whether they would like to spend more time together – or call it a day and walk away. In a new twist for series two, the three Cabins - Otter’s Pocket, Stag’s Mount and Beaver’s Burrow - are nestled closely together, so the couples will also get a chance to gossip and debrief with their neighbours next door.

In the stunning grounds around the Cabins, the couples can explore some brand new dating areas. Series two sees an additional surprise for those checking into the Cabins - as a friend or loved one could possibly drop by to see how the date is going.

MEGAN, 19, Athlete/ Beautician from Surrey

JESSICA, 25, Cruise Shop Entertainer from London

HARRY, 23, Entrepreneur from Scotland

JAD, 26, Car Salesman from South East London

ROXANNE, 21, works in recruitment from South East London

GEORGE, 26, Hairdresser from Leicester

PRINCE, 23, Salesman from Nigeria, lives in Kettering

TARYCK, 25, Estate Agent from Sidmouth, Devon

AMY, 18, Junior Hairdresser from Ayr, Scotland

DENNI, 20, Make-Up Artist/ Office Manager from Herfordshire

CHRIS, 26, Media Manager from London

CORY, 28, Kids Activity Assistant, South London

AMIR, 26, Optometrist from Manchester

RICHIE, 25, Nursing Assistant from Burton-On-Trent

CALLUM, 22, University Student from Fife, Scotland

TIMMY, 22, University Student from Fife, Scotland

Callum and Timmy are twins.

The reunion is back and bigger than ever, with weekly Saturday night catchups with the Cabins participants. New host, DJ and presenter Yasmin Evans joins returning favourite David Potts on a road trip around the country to check in with those who’ve checked out. Has love blossomed beyond the cosy Cabin confines, or fizzled out faster than the Cabins’ fire pits?

The Cabins returns Monday 3rd January at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub, and continues weekdays.

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