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Comedian Michael McIntyre hosts a brand new Saturday-night gameshow, as contestants take on a colossal spinning wheel and answer questions in the hope of securing a cash prize. In each episode, contestants are guided by a host of celebrity experts, who are on hand to help them find their way to a fortune.

Speaking at the time of announcement, Michael McIntyre said: “I am thrilled to be hosting a show that does reinvent the wheel! Contestants will be competing to win big money, celebrity experts will have their knowledge put the test, and I will desperately be trying to avoid too many puns. I simply can't wait to get behind the wheel, I'm dizzy with excitement!”

Kate Phillips, Controller Entertainment Commissioning, says: “Michael is the perfect ringmaster for this unique game that will get celebrities in a right old spin and everyone at home playing along.”

The new series begins Saturday 28th November at 8:30pm on BBC One.


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