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This new documentary features Ross Kemp on an investigative journey to discover the untold story of the Millennium Dome heist - one of the biggest and most audacious gem raids ever attempted on British soil.  

Twenty years on from the raid, this documentary uses never-before-seen photographic evidence as well as surveillance footage to piece together the movements of the gang, which consisted of seven criminals equipped with a bulldozer and a speedboat as they set out to steal £350 million worth of diamonds from the Millennium Dome. 

Instead the raiders were foiled by an undercover Flying Squad operation, every bit as bold and daring as their own. Ross tracks down the key players in the police operation, many of whom have never spoken publicly before – from veteran detectives and surveillance operatives who shadowed the gang’s every move, to the firearms officers who made the arrests inside the diamond vault. 

He takes them back to the original crime scenes to reflect on the operation, blow-by-blow, to reveal the behind-the-scenes story of how they managed to track and then catch the would-be robbers in the act.

The target was £350 million worth of De Beers diamonds – a unique collection of gems with the 203-carat flawless Millennium Star diamond as its centrepiece. 

For the first time, this film reveals the untold story of a crime that marked the end of a criminal era and what would become one of the most daring heists ever attempted in British history. 

The documentary airs Wednesday 11th November at 9pm on ITV.


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