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A brand-new version of ITV’s award-winning hit show The Cube is coming soon, promising higher stakes than ever before with a life-changing one-million-pound jackpot.


Host Phillip Schofield will return to preside over the high-octane gameshow, which sees contestants attempt seemingly simple tasks within the high-pressure confines of the iconic Perspex box.

This new 5x60 series will see pairs of contestants, from the same household, take on The Cube. As well as facing solo games, they will also face brand new two player challenges.

Each pair will have nine lives to complete seven games, each worth an increasing amount of money, as they move closer to the huge jackpot. Players will have to overcome extreme nerves and frustration as they take on deceivingly simple tasks such as throwing a ball into a container, balancing on a beam or stopping a clock at precisely 10 seconds. But will they have what it takes to beat the mighty Cube?  

Host Phillip Schofield said: “The Cube is such a cracking format but with the players now in teams and a whopping million-pound prize fund, it now means this high-pressure environment has just got tougher.  I can’t wait to be reunited with the legendary Perspex Cube!”

UPDATED: The Million Pound Cube airs Monday 19th - Friday 23rd October at 9pm on ITV. The series begins with a celebrity special on Saturday 17th October at 9pm.


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