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Voltage TV’s hit format Tempting Fortune has been recommissioned for an eight-episode second series. The first series, fronted by Paddy McGuinness, was one of Channel 4’s most-watched shows of 2023 for 16-34 audiences.

In this bumper second run, a brand-new batch of contestants will be dropped into a tropical jungle location to take part in the ultimate test of willpower and honesty. Spending a number of days out in the wild, they will be provided with only basic rations and survival gear.

Though the real test is not survival, it’s avoiding the numerous temptations thrown at them that could turn their insect-ridden jungle stay into the luxurious tropical trip of a lifetime.


A substantial cash prize is up for grabs, but for each of the group to take home their full share, they must all resist the temptation to spend any of it on luxuries along the way. But while some are there for the chance to win a life-changing sum, others are just there for a good time and are happy to fritter the prize fund on lovely treats and extravagances.


Paddy McGuinness said: “Last series was full of backstabbing, betrayal and sheer determination… but this time there are added twists!  I’m so excited to be back for an even bigger series, putting a new set of brave, daring and cunning contestants into the hot and sticky jungle to see whether anyone can make it to the end without taking my temptations.”


Steve Handley, Head of Reality & Entertainment, Channel 4, said: “Tempting Fortune has all the hallmarks of a classic Channel 4 format, it’s the smart and mischievous love-child of an Adventure series and a Reality show, that tests free will and human nature, often with hilarious consequences. I can’t wait to see if our next batch of recruits can resist the irresistible temptations that Paddy has to offer them in the jungle.”


Genna Gibson, Commissioner Editor, Reality & Entertainment, Channel 4, said: “It is brilliant news that Voltage and Paddy McGuiness are once again teaming up to lead another bunch of unsuspecting personalities into temptation and, with that, delivering Channel 4 another series of this exciting new format...

"Building upon the success of the first series, our new tropical jungle location will provide an even more challenging backdrop for our intrepid but somewhat unlikely explorers to dodge or succumb to what their hearts most desire, and I for one can't wait to see what transpires." 



Tempting Fortune is available on Channel 4 streaming.


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