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Adventure reality series Tempting Fortune is set to return for a second series, The Sun reported earlier this year. Applications are now open for a Channel 4 'adventure series with a twist'. More details here.

In Tempting Fortune, 12 strangers spend 19 days in paradise. Arriving with basic survival gear the group will think they have what it takes to become heroes of the latest reality adventure show.

But in order to win the substantial cash prize they will have to resist the temptation to spend any of it, in the ultimate test of willpower. When the novelty of sleeping in the wilderness, bathing in rivers and eating their dull rations wears off, they will find out that all they crave is awaiting them.

Their wilderness will be full of expensive enticements and at every turn a mirage of home comforts will tempt them to indulge in the luxury on offer. 

All of their whims and wishes are there for the taking, but everything has a price. Giving in to temptation will come at a cost and reduce the prize fund for everyone. The only way to win is to resist.

Tempting Fortune is available on Channel 4 streaming.


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