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PREVIEW: Teen First Dates (Episode 1), E4

The new series Teen First Dates finds hungry-for-love teenagers taking their first steps into the daunting world of dating.

With a familiar welcome from the BAFTA-award winning First Dates maître d' Fred Sirieix, the brand-new Manchester restaurant opens its doors to a raft of tender teens. The brave bunch of 16-19-year-olds have decided to ditch their digital lives and experience a date in real life.

In the first episode, flamboyant art student Archie seeks a muse to paint his future with. Archie's love of camp culture hits all the right notes with 19-year-old musician Eden.

Next up is sporty, smart and single Denzel. He's looking for an athletic, ambitious, family-focused girl. When fellow-basketball player and track athlete Mariam enters the restaurant, Denzel's chiselled jaw drops, and it's not long before they are planning a honeymoon to the Caribbean.

Self-confessed 'ladette' Maddison is 'one of the boys' in her friendship group - but has so far struggled to find a boy of her own. Bricklaying-apprentice Jacob is looking to cement a relationship with a girl who'll get on with his mates. So, when these young Londoners open up about their challenging life experiences, it seems like there could be a strong foundation for love.

There's a lot of pressure on 18-year-old Dom, whose parents met on a blind date and got engaged on their second. When his date arrives, not only do they share the same name, but also the exact same birthday. And when Dom orders fish and chips, and the other Dom reveals he works in a chippy, it seems like fate.

Teen First Dates begins Monday 22nd February at 10pm on E4.


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