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Channel 5 have commissioned Into Alaska with Sue Perkins, a new three-part travel series to air in 2024.

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The 3x60' series will follow the star as she explores the hidden gems and wonders of the US state, whilst also learning how to survive a bear attack and take part in a plane crash simulator.

Perkins, who previously travelled to Japan for a BBC One travel series, will land in Alaska with no idea what awaits. She will embark on a journey through the Alaskan wilderness after given the necessary survival training.

Sue Perkins said: "Alaska is a wild and unknown place, so getting the chance to immerse myself in the diverse cultures and landscapes was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. I’ve always loved taking on new challenges and meeting people from all walks of life. I’m thrilled to be taking the Channel 5 audience on this Alaskan adventure with me."

A source told The Sun: "When TV explorers travel to extreme environments, everything is obviously treated with great care and attention in terms of safety, preparedness and respect for the environment...

"With that, though, everything can sometimes feel terribly earnest. There will be none of that for Into Alaska With Sue Perkins. Even sub-zero temperatures can’t put her distinctive sense of humour and quirky approach on ice."

Into Alaska with Sue Perkins will air next year on Channel 5.


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