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Start date for Strictly's Best Of... compilation series confirmed.

Strictly: The Best of Movies will air on Saturday 19th September at 7:35pm on BBC One.

Other compilation episodes which will follow in the coming weeks include the Best Of... Musicals, Blackpool and The Final.

Each episode, presented by Tess & Claudia, joined by the pro dancers, judges and celebrity guests will look back at some of the best dancers from the respective week of the competition.

When it comes to the main series, celebrity dancer Jacqui Smith has appeared to confirm reports that the show will begin mid-Ocotber.

Speaking on Global's For The Many podcast on Saturday, Jacqui explained to her co-presenter Iain Dale that she believes they're recording the 'launch show' on Monday 12th October. This is then likely to be broadcast on Saturday 17th October.

Then, as previously reported by The Sun, the first live show will be on Saturday 24th October on BBC One.


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