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Growing up in Rochdale, Luke always felt a bit different, and when he came out as gay the feeling still didn’t go away...

Persistent questions about his appearance prompt Luke to take a DNA test and the result explodes his identity and his family, revealing a secret his mum has kept hidden since Luke’s birth – he’s mixed race and the dad who raised him is not his biological father.

To get to grips with his own identity, Luke launches an ambitious search for a man his mum met on holiday in Portugal many years before. All she remembers is his name, Carlos. Luke’s extraordinary journey uncovers decades of family secrets, reveals a brand new multi-racial family and results in him healing much more than just his own emotional pain.

Luke Davies says: “I can safely say that what has transpired during this journey has left me feeling truly at peace with who I am and where I come from, and it has been a wonderful bonus to have become closer to my parents than ever before. I am thankful for all the support I’ve had from the team at Nine Lives Media, my wonderful partner, my family and my friends for uplifting me through the ups and downs of this journey.”

Stranger in my Family (w//t) was commissioned by BBC Three after Luke Davies & Tamar Mankassarian successfully won the Sheffield DocFest BBC Three Pitch in 2022.

It is being made by Nine Lives Media. It was Filmed, Produced and Directed by Sunny Kang; the DV Director: Tamar Mankassarian; and the Executive Producers are Nic Guttridge, Jazz Gowans & Cat Lewis. The BBC Commissioning Editors are Fran Baker and Hamish Fergusson.


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