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Singer Ronan Keating will be joining the Starstruck panel for two episodes covering for regular panellist Shania Twain. Shania, who is missing from these two episodes due to work commitments, will return to the panel for the penultimate and final shows.

Shania said: “I unfortunately missed two Starstruck Shows this season, but I’m hugely thankful and very lucky that a good friend of mine, Ronan Keating, was able to take my seat for those episodes! We’ve known each other for many years and I can tell you that Ronan will be the perfect judge – providing many laughs and great insight along the way. I’m SO excited to watch!”

Ronan said: “Honoured that Shania entrusted me with the task of being a judge on Starstruck and I happily took on the baton offering what I hope was constructive but yet supportive feedback...

"The contestants' performances blew me away, it's so exciting to see such wonderful singing talent and the fact that most of these contestants have never sung on a stage before is just incredible. I loved every second of it!”

Starstruck continues Saturday at 8:45pm on ITV1.

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