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We were lucky enough to watch the first episode of ITV’s new entertainment series Starstruck (yes, another show with the title Starstruck). Below is a short overview of the series if you have not heard about it already, and our thoughts. We should also point out that this review is being written two months after we watched the recording.

Synopsis: Starstruck will see ordinary members of the public with an exceptional talent team up to transform into some of the world’s biggest music icons from Amy Winehouse to Ariana Grande, Lionel Richie to Lady Gaga, Marvin Gaye to Michael Buble, and many more in between.

In basic terms, the show is a combination of Stars In Their Eyes and The X Factor. Stars In Their Eyes in the sense that all the contestants are dressed up head-to-toe to look like the music icon they’re performing as (with varying success, it has to be said), with format elements of The X Factor such as a celebrity panel, sing-offs and public (virtual audience) voting – one contestant from each show progresses to the semi-final(s). Oh, and it’s hosted by Olly Murs.

The celebrity panel is made up of Sheridan Smith, Adam Lambert, Beverly Knight and Jason Manford. All four have good chemistry and work together well. Perspex screens separate the panel in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines.

The three contestants taking part in each performance are introduced via VT, and the icon they’re performing as revealed when they each step on a star and transform into their icon.

The three contestants then perform as a group, with each taking a small solo part during the song.

Once each group has performed, the virtual audience gets to vote for the group they enjoyed the most. The group with the most votes goes through to the sing off, where they will perform again. The celebrity panel then choose who they believe to be the best performer of the three to progress to the semi-final.

It’s light-hearted family entertainment, and should be treated as much. It won’t revolutionise Saturday nights, and probably won’t perform spectacularly, but it’s an enjoyable watch… if there’s nothing else on TV that takes your fancy.

Starstruck begins this Summer on ITV.

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