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Brand new for ITV2 this autumn - the Social Media Murders brings together single films each featuring a shocking real crime involving young people. Linking them all is the unsettling role social media played in bringing together the culprit and the victim.

Modern real life story-telling that puts the victim and their loved ones central to the narrative and draws on in the moment material harvested from social media accounts and mobile phone footage to immerse the viewer in events as they unfolded, providing a compelling yet cautionary insight into the experiences of young people affected by disturbing 21st-century crime and the dangers social media can pose..

The Murder of Grace Millane (W/T)

The tragic and disturbing story of the disappearance and killing of 22 year old Grace Millane - a British backpacker who went missing on a Tinder date in Auckland - is told here, drawing material that tracks the horrendous developments as they unfold. The film will follow the subsequent search, the arrest of her killer and the court case that followed.

The Murder of Alex Rodda

Alex Rodda was an openly gay 15-year-old embarking on his first relationship, with an older farmer who wanted to conceal his attraction to guys. It started as Facebook flirting... But just six weeks later it ended in murder. Drawing on Alex’s family’s personal archive and interviews with loved ones to introduce us to the tragic young victim, this film demonstrates how the grooming process played out, first for a sexual relationship and then for murder, as Alex was led ultimately to his death.

The Murder of Mollie McLaren

A relationship which began for Molly McLaren and her boyfriend on Tinder and was storied by her on social media, ultimately saw social media used, following their split, by her ex to track her down, before murdering her.


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