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Comedians Alex Brooker, Guz Khan and James Acaster are all superfans of the classic 1990 comedy Home Alone, starring Macauley Culkin as Kevin McAllister, the forgotten kid who is accidentally left behind by his family when they leave on a family Christmas holiday.

As they will attest, the highlight of the perennial Yuletide classic is when Kevin must defend his home from the inept “Wet Bandits”, two clueless burglars who take on much more than they bargain for thanks to some inventive traps set by our pint-sized hero.

But, more than thirty years on, and with a more world-weary eye, they have one thing on their minds: would those booby traps actually work?

And so, overseen by Alex and with the help of a professional engineer, Guz and James will be putting Kevin’s homemade home defences to the test by re-enacting the famous stunts. Is a swinging paint can enough to stop a full-sized man from ascending the stairs?

Is there any way to overcome slippery ice-covered steps? And could taking a falling iron to the face actually be fatal? The science won’t lie.

The one-off special will air on Sky Max this Christmas

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