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Sky releases the official trailer for brand new Sky Original Funeral For A Dog from Sky Deutschland, coming to Sky Atlantic and NOW from 17 March.

Starring Alina Tomnikov, Friedrich Mücke, Albrecht Schuch, Ina Geraldine Guy, Daniel Sträßer and Anne Ratte-Polle, the eight-part series is produced by Flare Entertainment for Sky Studios.

Based on the novel Funeral For A Dog by Thomas Pletzinger, the fictional drama series follows journalist Daniel Mandelkern (Albrecht Schuch) as he travels to Italy for an interview with celebrated writer Mark Svensson (Friedrich Mücke), who lives by a secluded lake. Daniel is intrigued by the mysterious story of Mark, his friend Tuuli (Alina Tomnikov) and Tuuli’s missing partner Felix (Daniel Sträßer).

It’s a story of a strong bond between three people that starts in South America and travels across the Artic Circle to New York on 11th September, ending with a catastrophic loss. Daniel thinks he recognises these people from Mark’s novel, however something is not quite right and as he delves deeper, he makes a shocking discovery.

With locations spanning Italy, New York, Germany, Finland and South America, viewers will be taken on a cinematic journey across the globe as they follow the intricate stories of these characters.

Eva Kemme and Martin Heisler, Flare Entertainment commented: "Funeral For A Dog is a complex relationship drama, a story of the nature of love in the new millennium - modern, cosmopolitan and spanning two decades. We are proud of our exceptional cast and crew – especially in light of the uncertainties posed by COVID-19 during production – who have created a touching and gripping series for viewers.”

Funeral For A Dog comes to Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW from 17 March.

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