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Sky unveils the official trailer for thrilling action series ‘Drift – Partners in Crime’, a Sky Original coming to Sky Atlantic and NOW in March.

Ken Duken and Fabian Busch lead an incredible cast, playing an unequal pair of brothers and unexpected detective duo. Ali Zeller (Duken) and Leo Zeller (Busch) find themselves in their exhaustive search for the truth, travelling from the remote valleys of the Bavarian Alps, to the narrow street canyons of Athens, to the dry dirt tracks of the Peloponnese.

Ali and Leo could not be more opposite. They rarely agree and think completely differently – despite this, the brothers share their childhood and work side by side. After a disastrous police operation, the siblings, who have been estranged for decades, find themselves at the center of an international conspiracy and are forced to work as a team.

A long-suppressed family conflict proves to be just as great a challenge as the determination of their opponents – an organisation with influence that extends far into the police department. Nobody can be trusted, even Ali's girlfriend, lawyer Maryam Soltani (Mona Pirzad), appears to take sides against Ali. So the brothers are partnered up and on their own once again.

The series was produced by Heiko Schmidt with ACTION CONCEPT, in association with Sky Studios.

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