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According to production listings websites, the BBC have commissioned a second series of Show Trial for a new six-part series due to go into production later this year. TV Zone approached the BBC for comment.

Showtrial Series 1 was five-part drama written by Ben Richards (Cobra, The Tunnel, Strike) and directed by Zara Hayes (Poms, Dian Fossey: Secrets In The Mist) which explores how prejudice, politics and the media distort the legal process, in a timely drama full of dark humour.

When Talitha Campbell, the estranged daughter of a wealthy property developer, is charged with conspiring to murder fellow university student Hannah Ellis, the trial that follows places victim and accused - and their families - in the eye of a media storm. Into that storm enters Cleo Roberts, the duty solicitor on the night of Talitha’s arrest.

Refusing her father’s help, Talitha wants Cleo to lead her defence against a prosecution that is weaponising Talitha’s gender and social privilege against her.

From arrest to verdict, Cleo and the defence team vie with the prosecution to convince us of the truth about Talitha: damaged scapegoat? Or cold-blooded killer?

No details about the potential second series have been revealed. Series 1 of Show Trial is available now on BBC iPlayer.

Showtrial is made by World Productions (Line Of Duty, Bodyguard, Vigil, The Pembrokeshire Murders, Save Me) for BBC One and BBC iPlayer, and was filmed in Bristol.


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